OUR MISSION - it consists on the production, selling and assemblage using the highest standarts of quality and innovation in the solar protection solutions. Believe on constant qualification for our human resources. Center our work on our workers and customer's satisfaction, caring for a healthy development of our society. OUR VISION - To be a respected company, considered in the global world, and represente a reference in quality and effectiveness. OUR TARGETS • Etics, transparency and professionalism. • Creativity and Innovation. • Entire satisfaction for our buiseness partners • Valorize our working teams • Promote the expansion to new markets.

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Our company was born during 1998, and by then we were known by the quality and innovation applied on the solar protection business field, having thus achieved and initiated a new stage with the creation of a new company - justified by the growing business volume in Portugal and abroad. That's how Luxestores emmerges, a company with an 100% portuguese shares, with young people and fresh ideas, dynamic and with the knowledge to understand the responsability we have in the business sector, believing in innovation, surveying for new products, and representing some companies with high prestige all over europe and overseas. Luxestores produce, represent and sell products in the Solar Protection Controle Systems business, as well as in the Shades field, in general, indoors and outdoors, and with an high number of systems and solutions to help you in your home confort and energy savings.


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